My husband turns into a snake – Wife of popular pastor Daniel Obinim

Florence Obinim, a popular Ghanaian gospel musician, has said it is true that her husband, Bishop Daniel Obinim, leader of the International God’s Way Church, can transform into a snake or other animals and then back into a human being.

Bishop Daniel Obinim and wife

The Bishop, about a month ago, publicly stated that he had such supernatural abilities and even expressed surprise that other church leaders could not do same.

As incredible as the claim may sound, the respected gospel musician has confirmed it, saying that she can bare testimony to the fact that the popular man of God can transform from a human being into a snake and then back into human form.

Florence, in a sermon to the women’s fellowship of his church, said her husband would turn into a snake and bite all the persons who were making life difficult for any member of the church.

The highly respected gospel singer said there are Bible quotations to back the ability of a pastor to turn into a snake and bite persons doing evil.

Bishop Obinim seems to have a natural ability of generating controversies and drawing media attention to himself for both the positive and negative reasons.

Even before dust settles on his ‘snake man’ drama, Obinim has found himself in another drama with Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah, Apostle General and leader of the Royal House Chapel International.

Obinim Vs Korankye Ankrah

The ‘Apostle General’, speaking on Starr Fm’s Wednesday Starr Chat with Bola Ray last week, described Bishop Obinim’s supposed ‘snake man’ ability as “unbiblical, unchristian, and magical.”

Korankye Ankrah said though he and other pastors have not condemned Bishop Obinim, they are willing to offer help to the latter if he will make himself available.

“We are willing to help him if only he will allow it. We won’t give up on him and we haven’t condemned him as well.”

Korankye Ankrah continued: “People are making fun [of the Christian faith] and I feel ashamed; and the question is, who is bringing the preacher [Obinim] to book? Who is ensuring that before you mount the pulpit you are qualified and licensed to do that?”

“These people are not members of our Council and it’s difficult to stretch our hands. They are freelancers and it is [difficult to deal with them]. Everyone who is leading people by preaching must be made to belong to one of these council-overseeing bodies so that when they go to those excesses they are checked,” Korankye Ankrah said.

This did not, however, go down well with Obinim who took to his television station, ‘OBTV’, over the weekend to respond in a very strong language laced with insults, threats, allegations and direct verbal attacks on the person of Korankye Ankrah.

Most of the words Obinim used in describing Korankye Ankrah cannot be republished in print for ethical reasons. They were alarmingly offensive.

Obinim also bragged that his church had a larger congregation than the Royal House Chapel and warned that if Korankye Ankrah did not tread cautiously, there would be a confrontation between the two churches.

Obinim said he could work more miracles than Korankye Ankrah and that there were several high profile members in his church who could testify to that.

Rev Korankye Ankrah has not responded.

Beat Up My Critics
Stirring up more controversy, Obinim has called on his church members to physically assault any person or group of persons who speak ill about him.

The bishop assured his church members that they should not be scared to follow his advice because even if they get arrested, he will personally ensure they get bailed from the police station.

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