Biafra supporter attacks Gov. Okorocha at Chatham House in London (PHOTOS)

The Governor of Imo State, Dr Owelle Rochas Okorocha, was today “attacked” by a pro-Biafran supporter while delivering a speech in London.

Mr. Okorocha, who was a guest speaker at the famous Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, an independent policy Institute, London, was attacked while delivering a speech.

During the speech delivery on the topic; “Nigerians’ Human Capital and State Education Initiative: The View From IMO State”, a supporter of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) who was armed with a Biafran flag came to the podium agitating that no one is doing anything about the plight of Biafrans in Nigeria.

The IPOB member was immediately rushed by other participants at the event as they clashed with him while trying to push him out of the hall.

The Biafran supporter was finally dragged out of the event.

Biafra supporters attack Gov. Okorocha in London

Biafra supporters attack Gov. Okorocha in London1

Biafra supporters attack Gov. Okorocha in London2

Biafra supporters attack Gov. Okorocha in London3

Biafra supporters attack Gov. Okorocha in London4

Biafra supporters attack Gov. Okorocha in London5

Biafra supporters attack Gov. Okorocha in London6

Biafra supporters attack Gov. Okorocha in London7

  1. Anonymous Reply

    9ice 1

  2. Anonymous Reply

    The iPod idiot was arrested and handcuffed afterwards

    • Anonymous Reply

      What is Ipod? And. Who is the Idiot? You?

    • Anonymous Reply

      Ur lame n pathetic asshole father was arrested not him.Do u think d setting was Nigeria where rule of law re paid deaf ear.mule!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    He is wihout fear!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    The IPOB man is not an idiot for your info. You are worse than idiot for calling him that. QED

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Biafra or we all die

  6. Anonymous Reply

    That person that called that guy an idiot is more than idiot

  7. Anonymous Reply

    we all should long to see Biafra come to pass because it is a God agenda to see us free.

    everyone should know that Okorocha is not an Igbo Man but a Muslim our brothers in the land of Imo should know this and forget him.

    sent by Dr. Christ

  8. Anonymous Reply

    Biafra have come to stay, What can’t Nigeria government allow us to cede. The IPOB guy is indeed one of the lions of Biafra anyone calling him idiot must go for cancer of the brain surgery.

  9. Anonymous Reply

    That is a true biafran and anybody that call him names must be crazy and that person with okorocha will definitly go to hell and burn to asheses. God bless Biafra amen.

  10. Anonymous Reply

    d way people talks at times baffles me you called the man agitating for Biafra idiot and u that called him idiot is what ans me?

  11. Anonymous Reply

    May God purnish that person who called the biafran idiot amen

  12. Anonymous Reply

    let d ipob here ds if we fail ds justfd cs dn we hv dtamin to liv as slave.God bls BIAFRA,Amen.

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