PHOTO: Innoson Motors unveils Made in Nigeria G-Wagon

Innosson Vehicle Manufacturing Company, the first indigenous car maker in Nigeria has produced its first G-Wagon.

The latest from IVM, the SUV with the model name IVM 80 looks more like the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon.

Innoson Motors produces Made in Nigeria G-wagon

  1. Anonymous Reply

    How much is the jeep

  2. Anonymous Reply

    What Is The price I can’t seem to find it

  3. Anonymous Reply

    I’ll always patronize our products, don’t care about bla bla bla anti innoson motors says. Will make an order now.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Am gonna need one of that

  5. Anonymous Reply

    I love it thanks to God it is in nigeria

  6. Anonymous Reply

    we should start making sport cars

  7. Anonymous Reply


  8. Anonymous Reply

    INNOSON IVM80 is now the king in the market .God bless ur vision INNOSON

  9. Anonymous Reply

    pls lets imitate korea.let all govt cars be innoson

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Please how much is the car. .I need it

    • Anonymous Reply

      nobody seems to know the price of this vehicle

  11. Anonymous Reply

    nobody seems to know the price of this vehicle

  12. Anonymous Reply

    my dream car is now made in Nigeria,I like DAT.keep it up.
    try to manufacture svu d likes and shapes of cryscilla.

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Wow i really love this

  14. Anonymous Reply

    How much Is the money.

  15. Anonymous Reply

    hw bout an advertisement in the media

  16. Anonymous Reply

    my dad want to get a new car so i showed him the IVM80 so he loved it asked me for the price so i took de opportunity to ask pls it is urgent

  17. Anonymous Reply

    glory be to God DAT companies in Igbo land

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