UN World Food Program begs EFCC to help avoid corruption while feeding IDPs

The United Nations World Food Programme has appealed to the EFCC to help the programme implement fully the mandate of providing nutrition to children in the North Eastern Nigeria.


Ramiro Lopes de Silva, who led a four man delegation to the Commission, said the Programme which is new in Nigeria is soliciting the assistance of EFCC as to address point of weakness in the chain of people and activities to avoid corruption.

He said since there will be cash transfer to the needy in some cases, the programme wants to establish a relationship with EFCC with issues of awareness of fraud in all modalities and expenditures which they want to engage in.

EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, pledged the Commission’s willingness to support the cause of the IDPs and any other such cause for humanity anytime. He therefore promised that the Commission will be willing to create desk officers who will liaise with the Programme and ensure its success.

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