Statue of Jesus appears to move its head in bizarre footage (VIDEO)

A statue of Jesus was seen apparently moving its head during a Catholic procession, leading some to believe it was a sign from God.

Statue of Jesus appears to move its head in bizarre footage

But many others argued the footage – filmed in Saltillo, north-east Mexico – was a hoax or an optical illusion.

The head of the statue of Christ can be seen lifting up, and its eyes appear to open.

The video was filmed in June last year, but recently went viral after being shared on YouTube.

The movement could have been caused by the wind or human interference, but this is not clear.

Sceptical commenters pointed out that there appears to be a hand moving under the statue’s tunic before the movements occur.

One wrote: ‘It’s silly people who would swallow this story.’

Another said: ‘The camera is focusing as it is is expecting the movement to happen.’

Others suggested the yellow ribbon attached to Christ’s cross had been pulled.
Only a very small number of similar occurrences have been accepted by the Catholic Church as valid miracles, with numerous others proven to be hoaxes.

But it has accepted some modern events as miracles, such as the recovery from Parkinson’s Disease of Marie Simon-Pierre, attributed to the late Pope John Paul II.

Claims of miracles that are never confirmed by the Church are common.

Earlier this week,a man, from Jalisco, Mexico, claimed that a statue of the Virgin Mary he kept in his house had been weeping blood for four months.

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