Kim Kardashian temporarily removes married name online, sparks rumour (PHOTO)

After months of silence following her robbery incident, Kim Kardashian on Tuesday came back to her social media accounts, but temporarily removed “West”, sparking speculations online.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

Kim posted her first Instagram update since her fateful trip to Paris Fashion Week in October.

She temporarily removed her married name before quickly changing it back, not before her eagle-eyed followers caught it.

Kardashian West’s return began when debuted a new website/app design and adorable home video of her husband and two children this morning amid rumors that her marriage to Kanye West is on the rocks.

Photo credit: TMZ

Photo credit: TMZ

It seemed like an attempt to relay the message that business is back to usual, and after a rough patch in their personal lives, Kimye remain and strong as ever.

But then she briefly changed her display names on Instagram and Twitter from Kim Kardashian West to simply kimkardashian and Kim, respectively.

This has sparked reports of marital problems.

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