Son of Taiwan politician hires 50 strippers to dance at his dad’s funeral (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A Taiwanese man hired 50 strippers to perform during his late father’s funeral procession as a final gift for him.

Footage of the procession, recently emerged online, was captured on January 3 in Chiayi County, reports Huanqiu, an affiliation with the People’s Daily Online.

According to the former official’s son, his father loved life and so he wanted to ensure he had the best funeral possible.

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Son of Taiwan politician hires 50 strippers to dance at his dad's funeral1

Son of Taiwan politician hires 50 strippers to dance at his dad's funeral

The exotic dancers were hired as part of a funeral for 76-year-old Tung Hsiang, a former chairman of the Chiayi County Council.

The man died on December 14 with his funeral held on January 3, according to his son’s Facebook page.

The man’s son, Tung Kuo-cheng, told Oriental News that his father lived an exciting life and so he wanted his father to have a happy and exciting ceremony. He also said that his father had died from an illness and he was incredibly popular.

The public memorial was held at 10am following a private ceremony. The funeral procession was large with 50 jeeps carrying the strippers and a further 150 vehicles involved in the ceremony.

The drive along Zhongzheng Road usually takes ten minutes, however the procession went on for nearly two hours, according to Oriental News. It was so big that the procession caused a traffic jam on Zhongzheng Road.

Following his father’s funeral, Tung Kuo-cheng released a statement on his Facebook page on January 5.

It said: ‘After the funeral of my father, it’s time to address my emotions and organise my thoughts. The first thing is to express my thanks to everyone.

‘I want to express my gratitude towards the funeral guests, relatives and friends. Thanks for the comforting words of care.’

Many people have taken to social media site Weibo to discuss the event.

One user wrote: ‘I also wish my funeral to be like that.’

While another commented: ‘Is it a funeral or a carnival.’

And one user said: ‘The Taiwanese officials are so honest about their hobbies.’


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