Paris Metro evacuated after ‘huge explosion’ rocks the station (PHOTOS)

A ‘huge explosion’ was tonight reported on the Paris Metro which resulted in dozens of commuters being evacuated from the station.

Reports suggest that the explosion was caused by an electrical fire, but the incident has raised alarm in the French capital, which is still on a high alert.

It has been reported that eight people have been injured following the incident which happened on Line Six near the Place d’Italie station.

Photo credit: Remy Buisine

Photo credit: Remy Buisine

Paris Metro evacuated after 'huge explosion' rocks the station1

Police and security officers could be seen surrounding the station which is in the south of the city.

They quickly set up a police cordon and it is believed the fire and explosion was the result of an accident.

The Place d’Italie station is on Line Five, Six and Seven in Paris and is located in the city’s 13th arrondissement.

It was opened in April 1906 and the incident comes as the city remains on a high alert following the attacks in November 2015.

In Saint-Denis, in the north of the city, three suicide bombers struck outisde the country’s national stadium, the Stade de France.

Later, gunmen launched an attack in the Bataclan theatre when Eagles of Death Metal were playing.

Attackers killed a total of 130 people that evening, including 89 inside the Bataclan theatre.

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