Sex scandal: She is a prostitute, the closest we got was on phone – Apostle Suleman

Outspoken Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has denied claims that he impregnated and dumped Miss Stephanie Otobo, saying she is a prostitute trying to blackmail him.

In a letter of March 3, addressed to the pastor from the chambers of Stephanie’s lawyer, Festus Keyamo, it was claimed that the lady started a relationship with Apostle Suleman sometimes in June 2015 in Canada after the pastor told her he had formally divorced his wife.

Apostle Suleman was said to have invited the lady from Canada to Europe where “he always slept with her all night after church programmes, at a time she was the one who normally sent the topic of the pastor’s sermon and the song to be rendered”.

It was further claimed that Stephanie was later invited by the pastor to his church in Nigeria where he begged her to get pregnant for him because he wanted more male children.

The letter reads in part: “Our client later got pregnant for you and at that time you formally proposed marriage to her which she accepted. “In furtherance to the said marriage proposal, you went to our client’s family with drinks and gifts for an introduction.

At the introduction, in which our client’s mother, sister, uncle, cousins and other family members were in attendance, you informed them of your intention to marry our client as your wife.

“You also made our client to forfeit her house, cars, friends and other things in Canada as you promised to get a house for her in Nigeria and make her comfortable.

“Despite the foregoing, you finally called it quit with our client and has resorted to threatening her life through different persons and agencies.”

The pastor was given a week to make the payment failure which a legal action would be instituted against him. Keyamo also petitioned the Inspector-General of Police (IG), Ibrahim Idris, seeking the immediate release of his client whom he claimed was arrested by the police at the instance of Apostle Suleman.

In the petition dated March 4, Stephanie was said to have been arrested inside a banking hall by the police on March 3, at the “behest of Apostle Suleman on a trumped up allegation of fraud and related offences”. But in his reaction to the allegations, the pastor said Stephanie was only out to exploit and blackmail him.

Apostle Suleman, who spoke with New Telegraph correspondent through his media aide, Frank Shuaibu, said the closest the lady had come to him was through a telephone conversation.

Shuiabu also said there was no time Keyamo wrote any letter to Apostle Suleman demanding any money. He said: “We have been following this event for over a month now and the closest contact the lady had with the pastor was a telephone conversation in 2015 where she confessed to being a prostitute that needed rehabilitation.

“The pastor then prayed with her and encouraged other members of the church to support her through prayers. “Apostle Suleman is happily married with five children and as at 2015 he was through with child birth.

“A month ago, we got a call from the lady’s boyfriend demanding compensation of N500 million because he had evidence against the pastor concerning amorous relationship with her. The pastor, however, urged him to go ahead if he has any evidence.

“The man, who claimed to be a Boko Haram member, was persistently calling and even threatened to burn down the church if his request was not granted.

“We later informed the police and we were asked to play along with the caller and the lady until she was eventually arrested by the police where they had gone to collect the money in a bank.

“The lady only recently arrived Nigeria, so the claim that she relocated to Nigeria since 2015 is not only fallacious but wicked. The police are in possession of the international passport of the said lady. “We challenge Keyamo to come up with pictures of the introduction he claimed Apostle Suleman had with the lady.”

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    Obviously a lie

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    The work of detractors. Her story looks childish. Imagine, she gives him topics to preach. That’s laughable.

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    Stephanie is sick.

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    Wicked will never stop! Chaiii! Jesus christ! In fact, I’m ashame of this kind of a bad woman who choose to lie against a respectable man of God. Woman, u are a disgrace to the nation. May God judge you. Nonsense fool

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    fake pastor

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    Evil that people do lives after and with them. This story is concocted just for the sake of money. We believe in you papa Apostle Johnson Suleman. Nothing will bring you down.

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    nothing can bring Papa down in JESUS NAME. Those praying for his downfall will fall never to rise again

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    its so amazing how women are always the first to call a sister names….
    when will women stop blaming each other and start seeing how they can lift each other up
    this could be true or a lie, who knows….. I wasn’t there.
    There is no smoke without fire…..

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    I believe the girl because Apostle dated me, also tried to marry me, i so I know the girl is saying the truth, if only you know the many victims of your fake pastor, you will all shamefully stop being fooled by him, what if I told you that I was an OFM member , in the ushering department, I can tell you the size of your occultic apostle’ s joystick , and more, he likes to threaten the lives of his victims to silence them, he did it to me, but I am A goddess, I handed over the battle to my God. And now nemesis has caught up with him, I don’t pity him, his penis will not stay one place.

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      why do they hate him so much????

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    his nemesis is here, wake up great fools , if you know this man’ s secrets, you will pray for pardon and mercy having supported him

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    otobo of a girl is a devil.

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    Any way she doesn’t know how to lie……… She just played according to the instruction given her. Its all written on her face. May the lord have mercy on her.

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    Let’s pray for her instead

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